DISFMF 2020 Online on FesthomeTV

DISFMF 2020 Online on FesthomeTV

Due to Corona Virus the 9th edition of DISFMF will take place online on FesthomeTV

High levels of protection to stream online, this is the way to do it.

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DISFMF on FesthomeTV

9th DISFMF online on FesthomeTV

Official Selection 2020

Official Selection 2020


  1. Dermot Kennedy: Giants, Directed by Oriol Puig, 3min, Spain, Music Video, 2020
  2. Alaraph, Directed by Guust Mulder, 17min, Netherlands, Fiction/Fantasy, 2018
  3. Salman bin Hamad: A Vision of Promise, Directed by Eva Daoud, 28min, Bahrain, Documentary, 2020
  4. The She-Wolf, Directed by Svetlana Trébulle, 23min, France, Drama-Fantasy, 2019
  5. Pipo And Blind Love, Directed by Le Gourrierec Hugo, 13min, France, Fiction-Music Video, 2019
  6. Love Struck, Directed by Chen-Ti Kuo, 29min, Taiwan, Drama, 2020
  7. The Bird & The Whale, Directed by Carol Freeman, 7min, Animation, Ireland, 2018
  8. Too tired to sleep but I’m ok, Directed by Patrick Doran, 4min, Music Video, Ireland, 2020
  9. Her Name Was Emily, Directed by Eoin McGovern, 4min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
  10. The Wise Fool, Directed by Geraldine Carr, 31min, Documentary, Canada, 2020
  11. Boneyard Ballet, Directed by Steven Holleran, 4min, Web/New Media, USA, 2020
  12. The Maroon Bomber, Directed by Joshua M. Thomas, 10min, Documentary, USA, 2020
  13. Thank You!, Directed by Maria Shulgia, 15min, Comedy-Drama, Russian Federation, 2020
  14. Bits and Pieces, Directed by James Dunnison, 7min, Drama, Canada, 2020
  15. Twin Trees, Directed by Emmanuel Ollivier, 4min, Animation, France, 2020
  16. I See You Now, Directed by Tara Gadomski, 11min, Drama, USA, 2020
  17. See Me Thru-Madame Gandhi, Directed by Dejha Ti, Ania Catherine, 4min, Music Video-LGBTQ, USA, 2020
  18. Bully, Directed by Adhip Iyer, 24min, Drama, India, 2020
  19. Waiting For Me-Madame Gandhi, Directed by Misha Ghose, 3min, Music Video, USA, 2020
  20. Getting In, Directed by Richard Keaney, 9min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
  21. In Our Day, Directed by Jason Figgis, 8min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
  22. Stroke Of Midnight, Directed by Niclas Ribbarp, 14min, Drama, Sweeden, 2018
  23. 12000, Directed by Erik Nylander, 28min, Documentary, Sweeden, 2019
  24. Rawr, Directed by Sorcha McGlinchey, 3min, Animation, UK, 2020
  25. The Voyage, Directed by Jessica Patterson, 3min, Animation, Ireland, 2020
  26. Oxygen, Directed by Rocky Grispen and Violette Belzer, 11min, Animation, Belgium, 2020
  27. #keepdistance, Directed by Roman Gonther, 31min, Drama, Germany, 2020
  28. Household Demons, Directed by John Gray, 9min, Horror, USA, 2020
  29. Flat White, Directed by Alan Markey, 7min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
  30. Bolero Station, Directed by Rolf Brönnimann, 10min, Animation, Switzerland, 2020
  31. Deus Otiosus (The Idle God), Directed by Mat Braddy, 17min, Drama-SF, UK, 2020
  32. Home, Directed by Hsieh Meng Han, 15min, Drama, UK, 2020
  33. It Can’t (be), Directed by Luca Vecchi, 6min, Drama, Italy, 2019
  34. In the Land of the Flabby Schnook, Directed by Francis Gelinas, 6min, Animation, Canada, 2020
  35. Efímera (“Ephemeral”), Directed by Paco Peregrín, 3min, Experimental, Spain, 2016
  36. Zombies2020, Directed by Jack Barton, 6min, Comedy-Horror, Australia, 2020
  37. Gringo Mike, Directed by Lorraine Harton, 18min, Documentary, Ireland-Peru, 2020
  38. Ghost In The Machine, Directed by Craig Griffith, 11min, Horror-SF, UK, 2020
  39. Doubts, Directed by Julie Flanders, 3min, Animation, USA, 2018
  40. The Life Of Bella, Directed by Andri Már Enoksson, 16min, Drama-Comedy, Iceland, 2020
  41. Escape, Directed by Edward R. Gutierrez, 3min, Animation, USA, 2020
  42. Cheyenne, Directed by Gerard Corporon, 19min, Drama, France, 2019
  43. Planet Earth Calling Ana, Directed by Fernando Bonelli, 20min, Drama, Spain, 2019
  44. The Appointment, Directed by Alexandre Singh, 20min, Horror, UK, 2019
  45. Best Friends, Directed by Craig Talbot, 5min, Comedy, UK, 2020
  46. Robin, Directed by Shane McCabe, 9min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  47. Wine Lake, Directed by Platon Teodoris, 10min, Drama, Ireland-Australia, 2019
  48. The Priest, Directed by Michael Vukadinovich, 17min, Dark Comedy-Drama, USA, 2019
  49. Loose Thread, Directed by Adam Wiliam Cahill, 26min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  50. A Handful Of Rust, Directed by Conor Chandler Simpson, 10min, Drama, USA, 2020
  51. In Front, Directed by Oswaldo Colon Ortiz, 5min, Music Video, Puerto Rico, 2020
  52. Siffler, Directed by François Narboux, 4min, Music Video, France, 2018
  53. Fail In Love-Berlin, Directed by Cécile Rousset, Romain Blanc-Tailleur, Adrienne Nowak, 4min, Animation-Documentary, France, 2020
  54. Isa, Directed by Christian Prener and Jens Langkjaer, 10min, Drama, Denmark, 2020
  55. Darkness, Directed by Yury Yarushnikov, 3min, Music Video, Russian Federation, 2020
  56. Potato Family, Directed by Lori Hamilton, 2min, Animation, USA, 2020
  57. Limbo, Directed by Saskia Dixie, 3min, Music Video, UK, 2019
  58. The Early House, Directed by Derek O’Connor, 12min, Ireland, Horror, 2020
  59. Remember When, Directed by Molly Moloney, 10min, Drama-Romance, Australia, 2020
  60. Marie, Directed by Yudi Zhang, 15min, Drama-LGBTQ, USA, 2020
  61. The Dinner Guest, Directed by Dale Griffiths Stamos, 14min, Drama, USA, 2017
  62. In-Between, Directed by Brian-Durcan, 4min, Horror, Ireland, 2020
  63. Gon, The Little Fox, Directed by Takeshi Yashiro, 28min, Animation, Japan, 2019
  64. Summit Of Solitude, Directed by Andreas Bacher, 33min, Drama, Austria, 2020
  65. A Long Way From Home, Directed by Jannik Ohlendieck, 10min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  66. The Raven, Directed by Damian Draven, 13min, Horror, Ireland, 2019
  67. Avernus, Directed by Simon Ross, 11min, Drama, UK, 2020
  68. Clara’s Room, Directed by Pippa Molony, 3min, Experimental-Drama, Ireland, 2020
  69. Marta, Directed by Benoît Verdier and Julien Verdier, 6min, Drama, France, 2019
  70. The Forest, Directed by Nguyen Vietnam, 17min, Drama, Viet Nam, 2020
  71. The Cancer Monster, Directed by Michael Costello, 15min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
  72. Bitch, Directed by Darragh Moran, 13min, Comedy, Ireland, 2020
  73. Giving Away The Bride, Directed by Vardhan S.N.Dhaimodkar, 12min, Comedy-Drama, India, 2020
  74. Belief And Belonging, Directed by Darren Doyle, 11min, Documentary, Ireland, 2020
  75. The Train Catching Championships, Directed by Luke Flanagan, 10min, Drama, UK, 2020
  76. Gabriël, Directed by Paul Haans, 13min, Drama, Netherlands, 2020
  77. Between Two Worlds, Directed by Setha Mongkhoun, 15min, Drama, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, 2020
  78. Mars Colony, Directed by Noel Fuzellier, 35min, Drama-SF, France, 2019
  79. Starry Night, Directed by Emma Smith, 14min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  80. Baby Teeth, Directed by Sonya Chwyl and Anik Desmarais-Spencer, 13min, Dark Comedy, Canada, 2020
  81. Tin Pigeons: Closer, Directed by Tommy Creagh, 3min, Music Video, Ireland, 2020
  82. The Ferry, Directed by Niall McKay, 25min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  83. Charm Controller, Directed by Fergus Mulligan, 5min, Comedy, Ireland, 2020
  84. About Us, Directed by Ruxandra Ghitescu, 16min, Drama, Romania, 2020
  85. Breakdown 2020, Directed by Sándor Gál, 15min, Drama-Thriller, Hungary, 2020
  86. Martin Kohlstedt – Strom (Chapter II) Directed by Patrick Richter, 16min, Documentary, Germany, 2018
  87. Divertimento, Directed by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi, 30min, Drama-Mystery, 30 min, France, 2020
  88. Kanaku y El Tigre “Abre los Brazos Como un Avion”, Directed by Mika Bast, 4min, Peru, 2020
  89. Funky Cha, Directed by Kirill Kuzin, 4min, Music Video, USA, 2020
  90. Grandpa’s Ranch, Directed by Gustavo Rosa, 10min, Documentary, Brasil, 2019
  91. Mary!Mary!Mary!, Directed by Conor Tobin, 9min, Horror, Ireland, 2020
  92. OverKill, Directed by Alex Montilla, 15min, Horror, USA, 2019
  93. I Lived A Life With You, Directed by Elena Martínez Santos, 15min, Drama-LGBTQ, Spain, 2019
  94. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children, Directed by Cal McGhee, 12min, Drama-Comedy, Ireland, 2019
  95. Pachanga, Directed by Karl Sruhe, 5min, Music Video-Animation, Ukraine, 2020
  96. I Don’t Want To Stay, Directed by Jérémy Engel, 5min, Music Video, France, 2020
  97. Facing the Distance, Directed by Ginger Port and Emma Olson, 12min, Documentary, USA, 2020
  98. Cramming, Directed by Dan Perlman, 15min, Comedy-Drama, USA, 2020
  99. Three Brothers Two, Directed by Craig Moore, 29min, Drama, Ireland, 2020
  100. The Secret Box-The Rice Of Paperboy, Directed by G.S. Leitgeb, 10min, Adventure-Mystery, Ireland, 2019
  101. J-1, Directed by Emmi Shockley, 17min, USA, 2020
  102. Even The Sun Don’t Shine On Lonely Hearts In Shadow, Directed by Richard Harvey, 5min, Music Video, Ireland, 2020
  103. Marginalized Nation, Directed by Francisco Alberto Galán S., 16min, Documentary, Colombia, 2020
  104. Fight Back, Directed by Loren Trabelsi, 19min, Drama, Israel, 2019
  105. Ionuț and Călin, Directed by Sorin Poamă, 18min, Drama-LGBTQ, Romania, 2018
  106. Manasanamaha, Directed by Deepak Reddy, 17min, Comedy, India, 2020
  107. The Fruitful, Directed by John Collins, 7min, Experimental, Ireland, 2018
  108. Autumn Never Dies, Directed by Chris Quick, 25min, Comedy, UK, 2020
  109. Yellow Rose, Directed by Xin Li, 4min, Music Video, Australia, 2017
  110. Circle Of Stone, Directed by Mark Andrews, 19min, Horror-Sci-Fi, USA, 2019
  111. The Pianists, Directed by Paul Guerin and François Guerin, 13min, Drama, France, 2019
  112. The Favor, Directed by Henry Bruno, 14min, Drama, France, 2019
  113. What Once Was, Directed by Esther Badenhorst, 4min, Music Video, South Africa, 2020
  114. A Better You, Directed by Eamonn Murphy, 16min, Drama-SF, Ireland, 2019
  115. Afterimage, Directed by Ross O’Hara, 10min, Horror, Ireland, 2020
  116. I Don’t Do This For Love, I Do This For Love – Nathan Bell On Tour, Directed by John Dower, 12min, Documentary, UK, 2020
  117. Don’t Sing, Directed by Conor Johnston, 12min, Comedy-Musical, Ireland, 2019
  118. Aicha, Directed by Zakaria Nouri, 22min, Drama, Morocco, 2020
  119. Like Turtles, Directed by David Mandell, 23min, Drama, USA, 2019
  120. When Mom Is Gone, Directed by Zeynep Gulru Kececiler, 29min, Documentary, Turkey, 2020
  121. Wasted, Directed by Denys Shchukin, 4min, Music Video-Animation, Ukraine, 2020
  122. With Arms Wide Open, Directed by George Paraschiv, 14min, Drama, Romania, 2020
  123. Last Date, Directed by Marielle Sjømo Samstad, 13min, Thriller, Germany, 2019
  124. As The Devil Drives, Directed by Callum Patrick O’Brien, 19min, Horror, Ireland, 2019
  125. Wrong Number, Directed by Talon Gonzalez, 9min, Drama-Thriller, USA, 2020
  126. It’s A Good Day, Directed by Andreas Eggen, 13min, Documentary, Norway, 2019
  127. Alina, Directed by Rami Kodeih, 25min, Drama, USA, 2019
  128. Kaifala, Directed by Niels Bent, 19min, Drama-Thriller, France, 2019
  129. Signal, Directed by Hengjun Li, 25min, Drama, China, 2019
  130. The Goose And The Gander, Directed by Ashley Treacy, 5min, Animation, Ireland, 2020
  131. Let’s Stay Miserable Together, Directed by Pamela Claire, Co-director Mischa Baka, 4min, Music Video, Australia, 2020
  132. Tempest Desert, Directed by Talita Maia, 18min, Drama, USA, 2020
  133. Walls Of Limerick, Directed by Arturo Bandinelli, 8min, Experimental-Music Video, Ireland, 2019
  134. Kite, Directed by HongWei Wang, 16min, Animation, China, 2020
  135. Girl In The Window, Directed by Gary Boyd, 11min, Comedy, Ireland, 2019
  136. Everything Looks Better In The Sunshine, Directed by Jonathan Farrelly and Mark Smyth, 13min, Comedy, Ireland, 2019
  137. Khisa (pocket), Directed by Raj Pritam More, 16min, Drama, India, 2020
  138. Obits, Directed by Alix Lambert and Manual Cinema, 6min, Animation, USA, 2019
  139. Parenting, Directed by Aoife Nic Ardghail, 5min, Comedy-Drama, Ireland, 2020
  140. Retribution, Directed by John Foley, 20 min, Documentary, Ireland, 2019
  141. Les Monstres, Directed by Leslie Carles, 16min, Comedy, France, 2019
  142. Jealous Alan, Directed by Martin Clark, 16min, Comedy, UK, 2019
  143. Hear Hear, Directed by Emmet O’Brien, 5min, Horror, Ireland, 2019
  144. Grey Rainbow, Directed by Mengyuan Xue and Xuejun Zhong, Drama-SF, 7min, China, 2020
  145. Golden Legs, Directed by Spencer Davies, 3min, Music Video, USA, 2019
  146. Discontent, Directed by Tony O’Donnell, 10min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  147. The Last Pizza, Directed by Gert Kombate, 7min, Comedy-Action, China, 2019
  148. Match, Directed by Laura O’ Shea & Tony Doyle, 12min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  149. My World, Directed by Daniel Poschinger, 4min, Music Video-Animation, Austria, 2019
  150. Tyrant, Directed by Barbara Mones, 9min, Animation, USA, 2018
  151. Bill O’Dea: Fungophilic, Directed by Al Butler, 5min, Documentary, Ireland, 2019
  152. In Orbit, Directed by Katie McNeice, 17min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  153. Kleen, Directed by Shannon Van Metre, 15min, Drama, USA, 2019
  154. Bringing Home The Blubber, Directed by Molly Adams, 20min, Documentary, UK, 2019
  155. Life`s Addictions, Directed by Shay Casserley, 11min, Documentary, Ireland, 2019
  156. Day In The Sun, Directed by Ciaran Crudden, 15min, Drama, Ireland, 2019
  157. James Arthur feat. Travis Barker – You, Directed by Timon Birkhofer, 4min, Music Video, Germany, 2019
  158. Walk A Mile, Directed by Judith Cowley, 15min, Drama, New Zealand, 2019
  159. The Way The Future Was, Directed by Raphael Kryszek, 24min, Drama-SF, USA, 2018
  160. Home Wreckers, Directed by Joe Ferrera, 11min, Comedy, UK, 2019
  161. If We Were Friends, Directed by Xiaoxiao Yue, 15min, Drama, China, 2019
  162. Mountain, Directed by Gabriel Thomas Ayache, 4min, Music Video-Animation, Israel, 2019
  163. Circus Sam, Directed by Rayner Wang, 31min, Drama-Family, Japan, 2019
Winners at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2019

Winners at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2019


Best Director – Pia Andell, The Match Comedy-Drama, 15min, Finland


Best Script – [Still] love you, directed by Fernando Bonelli, Drama, 30min, Spain


Best Music Video – Dark like the night-Karenina, directed by Radda Novikova, Music Video, 8min, Russia


       Best Cinematography-Philippe Brelot, Virtual Attraction, directed by Sophie Picciotto, Comedy-Romance, 15min, France

Best Comedy- The Work Party, directed by Steven McKenna, 22min, Ireland


       Best Animation-Them, directed by Robin Lochmann, 15min, Germany


       Best Sound Design- Anacronte, directed by Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette, 15min, Argentina  


Best Music- Casual, directed by Aoife Nic Ardghail & Kate Dolan, Drama, 12min, Ireland


       Best Student- The Dressmaker, directed by Olivia McLaughlin, Drama, 16min, Ireland


Best Irish Short- The Family Way, directed by Nuno Bernardo, Drama, 18min


Best Actor- Scott Adsit, Still Happy, directed by Fred Berner USA


Best Actress- Fatou Mbemgue, The School Trip directed by Salvatore Allocca, Italy


       Best Documentary- Joe Boots, directed by Florian Baron, Documentary, 30min, Germany-USA


       Best International Short Film- Clothes & Blow, directed by Sam Peter Jackson, 23min, UK

Winners at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2017

Winners at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2017

Thank you all for attending the Awards Ceremony at The Sugar Club.
o Best Director – Julian Quintanilla
The Whole World, Directed by Julian Quintanilla, Drama, 29min, Spain
o Best Producer – Charlo Johnson
Sober Minds, Directed by Charlo Johnson, Documentary, 17min, Ireland
o Best Script- Christophe Switzer
Soury, Directed by Christophe Switzer, Drama, 20min, France
o Best Music Video- BP Fallon & David Holmes
‘Henry McCullough’ Directed by Alan Leonard, 6min, Ireland
o Best Cinematography-Alberto Pareja
The Whole World, Directed by Julian Quintanilla, Drama, 29min, Spain
o Best Edit-Gina Hirch
Emerald City, Directed by Scott Coffey, Drama, 15min, USA
o Best Animation-Love on The Line
Love on The Line, Directed by Nicole McKinnon, 5min, Animation Documentary, Australia
o Best Sound Design-Srdjan Kurpjel
Nimmer, Directed by Lieven Vanhove, Drama, 16min, Belgium
o Best Score-Colin Hurley and Kevin MacLeod
Psychodelic, Directed by Rachel Gregan, Drama-Action, 22min, Ireland
o Best Student Short-The Test
The Test, Directed by Jinsui Song, 26 min, Family Drama, China
o Best Irish Short -Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith, Directed by Mark Smith, Drama, Sci-Fi, 14min, Ireland
o Best Actor-Fanoum Diop
They Died for Nothing, Directed by Ibrahim Koudie, Drama, 15min, France
o Best Actress-Lydia McGuinness
We Have Each Other, Directed by Naomi Sheridan, Psychological Drama, 18min, Ireland
o Best Documentary-Sound Is Half the Picture
Sound Is Half the Picture, Directed by Dede Maitre, 13min, Documentary, USA

German Short Films at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2017

German Short Films at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2017

The shorts will be screened at the Cineworld on Saturday the 7th of October, see programmes and time here. http://disfmf.ie/the-festival/tickets/

Keoma/Black directed by Aviv Kosloff
Black is a twisted story of vengeance and betrayal that starts with two Santas running to their vintage getaway car after robbing a gas station. As the driver steps on the gas paddle, the very bad Santa, played by Ottokar Lehrner, lets the loot go to his head. His accomplice, played by Kat Frankie, is still in shock. Quickly and violently we realize that this triangle of partners in crime is like a time bomb waiting to explode. When the 1970 Chevy runs out of gas, and trapped between the gun holding Santa and the baseball bat waiving driver (played by Chris Klopfer), Kat has to manage to survive the night.

Pestana directed by David Helmut
During a school trip to Lisbon Sophie and Anna escape from the hostel and join a group of young homeless criminals who are robbing tourists to survive but forget that ultimate freedom has its price.

The Forest Full Of Rabbits directed by Nikolai Knackmuss
After Hanna’s brother commits suicide as consequence of his bipolar disorder, Hanna, who also suffers from the same disease, is in a manic state.In her family is little understanding for her excitement, so she finds a new one.

Fake Men directed by Martin Gentner
Fake men it’s a political satire on macho behaviour and fake stories in international politics: Tom and Iwan – the US president and his Russian counterpart – get along really well. But then they start quarrelling, and the catastrophe takes its course …

Clockwork purple directed by Manuela Lindig
The Moonchild finds on the beach a strange old thing. From her grandpa she learns that this is a clock and hears of the man who wanted to turn back the time to get back his love…

Cigarbox Blues directed by Christopher Kaufmann
Derek is having the blues and this does not only refer to his stage performance. When the singer wakes up in a psychiatry after a suicide attempt, he meets Adam, his devoted fan and at once his pain in the ass. A story about two guitars, three chords and the beginning of a friendship.

Israel Shorts at the Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2017

Israel Shorts at the Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2017

The shorts will be screened at the Cineworld on Saturday the 7th of October, see programmes and time here. http://disfmf.ie/the-festival/tickets/

The French Revolution directed by Hai Afik, is now a finalist for a Student Academy Award
Noni and Tamar, a young couple at a crisis point in their marriage, hear a loud disturbance on the street, followed by a knock on the door. Going against his wife’s instincts, Noni opens the door to find two aggressive, angry youths on the doorstep who force their way into the couple’s home. What follows is the knife-edge drama that unfolds between the four, one which lasts only twenty minutes but which will change their lives forever.

The Little Dictator, directed by Nurith Chon
Prof. Yossi Kleinmann is an uncharismatic history professor lecturing on political leaders in totalitarian regimes. Neither his students nor his domineering wife show him any respect. At a Sabbath weekend celebrating the 90th birthday of his wife’s grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, Yossi suddenly finds himself in an unexpected situation which forces him to confront history, his family and himself.

The Dream Factory directed by Michal Pinsky
Ben is a technical illustrator who spends his days drawing nuts and bolts and his nights painting colors and dreams. His ambition to publish his comic book meets with frustration and failure until his little daughter, Maya, takes him on a magical journey to the sinister interiors of his own creation —the Dream Factory.

Biography directed by Arik Kaufman
Miriam, an elderly war widow tormented by her young husband’s death, surrounds herself with archival recordings and writes his biography in her crumbling apartment. Though she wishes only to be left alone to complete her task, her aggressive neighbors, hungry to evict her, have other ideas.

Inside Outside directed by Shira Meishar
Late at night, a young woman finds herself accidentally locked in a public facility where she has stopped to do a pregnancy test. Rescue comes from an unexpected quarter and allows the woman to view her problems from a whole new perspective.

The Gravedigger’s Daughter directed by
Esther’s father was a gravedigger who in his last will and testament left only one significant request: that one of his sons continue with his profession. None of his sons have the slightest interest in doing so. Esther is the only daughter in this traditional ‘Sephardic’ North African home, and embarks upon a struggle to carry on her father’s legacy of humility and kindness over the objections of her family and community.
A feminist film with a sprinkling of graveyard humor.

Roundtrip directed by Loran Trabelsi
A young girl becomes compromised after she accepts kindness from a stranger on a bus.

Adina E-Changing directed by Yoni Goodman
A music video for Adina E’s song – “Changing”.
A young girl runs away from home, feeling the need to escape the pain in her world. Not knowing where her path will take her, she heads out on a journey of self discovery.