Our awards are unique paintings in canvas made by very talented Dublin based artist Pratima Gungadoss, in 2019 we have 14 awards to give away.


In competition, Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival makes the following awards:

o Best International Short
o Best Director
o Best Script
o Best Music Video
o Best Horror
o Best Comedy
o Best Animation
o Best Sound Design
o Best Score/Music
o Best Student
o Best Irish Short
o Best Actor
o Best Actress
o Best Documentary

2019 Winners

Best Director – Pia Andell, The Match Comedy-Drama, 15min, Finland


Best Script – [Still] love you, directed by Fernando Bonelli, Drama, 30min, Spain


Best Music Video – Dark like the night-Karenina, directed by Radda Novikova, Music Video, 8min, Russia


       Best Cinematography-Philippe Brelot, Virtual Attraction, directed by Sophie Picciotto, Comedy-Romance, 15min, France


       Best Comedy- The Work Party, directed by Steven McKenna, 22min, Ireland


       Best Animation-Them, directed by Robin Lochmann, 15min, Germany


       Best Sound Design- Anacronte, directed by Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette, Argentina 15min,  


Best Music- Casual, directed by Aoife Nic Ardghail & Kate Dolan, Drama, 12min, Ireland


       Best Student- The Dressmaker, directed by Olivia McLaughlin, Drama, 16min, Ireland


Best Irish Short- The Family Way, directed by Nuno Bernardo, Drama, 18min


Best Actor- Scott Adsit, Still Happy, directed by Fred Berner USA


Best Actress- Fatou Mbemgue, The School Trip directed by Salvatore Allocca, Italy


       Best Documentary- Joe Boots, directed by Florian Baron, Documentary, 30min, Germany-USA


       Best International Short Film- Clothes & Blow, directed by Sam Peter Jackson, 23min, UK

2018 Winners 

o Best International Short Film, Manicure, Directed by Arman Fayaz, Iran

o Best Director – Christophe Switzer, Papa, France

o Best Script – Bless Me Father, Directed by Paul M. Horan, Ireland

o Best Music Video – Local H-Innocents, Directed by Felix Piñeiro, USA

o Best Cinematography – Tommy Fitzgerald, Inside I Am Racing directed by Aleksander Szeser, Ireland

o Best Comedy – My Best Friend, Directed by Catalin Bugean, Romania

o Best Animation – Hell Visa, Directed by Junjie Zhang, China

o Best Sound Design – Alex Gregson, The Last Dance, Directed by Chris Keller, UK,

o Best Score – Francesco Tresca, The Observer Effect, Directed by Garret Walsh, Ireland

o Best Student – The Beginning, Directed by Sudeshna Sharma, India – France

o Best Irish Short – Land Of Winte, Directed by Tommy Creagh, Ireland

o Best Actor – Emmet Kelly, Lost Memories, Directed by Eamonn Murphy, Ireland

o Best Actress-Aisling Reid, Daffodils & Tulips, Directed by Michael Reid, Ireland

o Best Documentary-Lifeboat, Directed by Skye Fitzgerald, USA

The 2017 winners are ………!!

o Best Director – Julian Quintanilla

The Whole World, Directed by Julian Quintanilla, Drama, 29min, Spain

o Best Producer – Charlo Johnson

Sober Minds, Directed by Charlo Johnson, Documentary, 17min, Ireland

o Best Script- Christophe Switzer

Soury, Directed by Christophe Switzer, Drama, 20min, France

o Best Music Video BP Fallon ‘Henry McCullough

BP Fallon ‘Henry McCullough’ Directed by Alan Leonard, Music Video, 6min, Ireland

o Best Cinematography Alberto Pareja

The Whole World, Directed by Julian Quintanilla, Drama, 29min, Spain

o Best Edit Gina Hirch 

Emerald City, Directed by Scott Coffey, Drama, 15min, USA

o Best Animation – Love on The Line

Love on The Line, Directed by Nicole McKinnon, 5min, Animation Documentary, Australia

o Best Sound Design Srdjan Kurpjel

Nimmer, Directed by Lieven Vanhove, Drama, 16min, Belgium

o Best Score-Colin Hurley and Kevin MacLeod

 Psychodelic, Directed by Rachel Gregan, Drama-Action, 22min, Ireland

o Best Student- The Test

The Test, Directed by Jinsui Song, 26 min, Family Drama, China

o Best Irish Short Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith, Directed by Mark Smith, Drama, Sci-Fi, 14min, Ireland

o Best Actor Fanoum Diop

They Died for Nothing, Directed by Ibrahim Koudie, Drama, 15min, France

o Best Actress Lydia McGuinness

We Have Each Other, Directed by Naomi Sheridan, Psychological Drama, 18min, Ireland

o Best Documentary Sound Is Half the Picture

Sound Is Half the Picture, Directed by Dede Maitre, 13min, Documentary, USA 

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