Final Selections 2019


·       No New Friends, directed by Dano Cerny, music video, 3min, USA

·      The Match, directed by Pia Andell, Comedy-Drama, 15min, Finland

·      Joe Boots, directed by Florian Baron, Documentary, 30min, Germany-USA

·      Poppy Red, directed by Sophie De Frenne, Drama, 12min, Germany

·      Somebody’s Child – Distance, directed by Danilo Zambrano, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

·      Blinkers, directed by Eoin Lúc Ó Ceallaigh, Documentary, 22min, Ireland

·      Feathers, directed by Graeme Coughlan, Drama, 7min, Ireland

·      Decibel, directed by Phil Ronayne, Drama, 14min, Ireland

·      The Forgotten, directed by Sam Uhlemann, 12min, Ireland

·      Cuddles, directed by Paul M. Horan, Drama, 14min, Ireland

·      My Mother’s Shoes, directed by Mike Hayes, Drama, 15min, Ireland

·      My Future Self, directed by Jake McKone, Comedy, 4min, Ireland

·      1 Billion, directed by Dave Thomas, Documentary, 10min, Ireland

·      The Five Obstructions, directed by Steve Gunn, Comedy, 6min, Ireland

·      ZEB in Dublin, directed by Fergus Keane, Documentary-Comedy, 13min, Ireland

·      Frankie, directed by Claire Millane & Silvana Benedetto, Drama, 7min, Ireland

·      Sea Legs-Laura Ampersand, directed by Ben Meakin, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

·      Dark like the night-Karenina, directed by Radda Novikova, Music Video, 8min, Russia

·      Ignatius, directed by Fintan Kelly, Drama, 10min, Ireland

·      Sticker, directed by Georgi M. Unkovski, Drama, 19min, Macedonia

·      Short Calf Muscle, directed by Victoria Warmerdam, Comedy, 13min, Netherlands

·      The Greek Accusative, directed by Sean O’ Deadaigh, Drama-Comedy, 15min, Ireland

·      Upon the Shore, directed by Emer Casey, Drama, 12min, Ireland

·      Colours, directed by Brendan Phillips, Drama, 8min, Ireland

·      Tulaigh Bheag Woods, directed by Mark Riordan, Horror, 7min, Ireland

·      Hugo & Holger, directed by Teddy Halkier Kristiansen, Animation, 14min, Denmark

·      Babou, directed by François Narboux, Animation, 2min, France

·      Saving Grace, directed by Siobhán Kavanagh, Drama, 13min, Ireland

·      Archie’s Bat, directed by Shannon Egan, Animation, 2min, Ireland

·      Repossession, directed by Sinéad Murphy, Horror, 19min, Ireland

·      Still Happy, directed by Fred Berner, Drama, 23min, USA

·      The Switch, directed by Peter John Sinclair, Thriller-Horror, 23min, Ireland

·      Anacronte, directed by Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette, Animation, 15min, Argentina

·      Break, directed by Amin Palangi, Drama, 13min, Australia

·      The School Trip, directed by Salvatore Allocca, Drama, 15min, Italy

·      Blankets of Hope, directed by Edvinas Maciulevicius, Documentary, 4min, Ireland

·      Wings, directed by Dmitri Voloshin, Animation, 8min, Moldova

·      I Wanna Get Lost, directed by Brian O’Glanby, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

·      We Were There, directed by Saeed Vahidi, Drama-Romance, 20min, Canada

·      Adams, directed by Tom Stern, Comedy-Drama, 20min, USA

·      Buoy, directed by David Magnier, Drama-Silent Film, 6min, Ireland,

·      Two Dum Micks, directed by D.B. Sweeney, Comedy, 5min, USA

·      T for True, directed by Chiara Provenzano, Documentary, 12min, Ireland

·      [Still] love you, directed by Fernando Bonelli, Drama, 30min, Spain

·      Virtual Attraction, directed by Sophie Picciotto, Comedy-Romance, 15min, France

·      Tides, directed by Zoe Kavanagh, Drama, 17min, Ireland

·      Laid to Rest, directed by Tiarnan O’Sullivan, Comedy, 16min, Ireland

·      Please “LIKE” Me, directed by Brian McDonnell, Drama, 15min, Ireland

·      Wild Thing, directed by Fiona Aryan, Drama, 10min, Ireland

·      Critical Hit, dir by Siobhan Hardt&Bobby McCune&Sinead Keane, Animation,3min, Ireland

·      Scim, directed by Jing Joaquin, 13min, Drama-Mystery, Ireland

·      Fresh Fruit – The Elections, directed by Garrett Lynam, Animation-Comedy, 9min, Ireland

·      Jill and Giles, directed by Alison Byrne, Documentary, 13min, Ireland

·      Sac de Merde, directed by Greg Chwerchak, Comedy, 13min, USA

·      Gang Related, directed by Ga-Ho Chu, Animation, 3min, Ireland

·      The Afghanistans, directed by Adrian Silisteanu, Drama, 17 min, Romania

·      For Love, directed by Terry Loughran, Drama, 7min, Ireland

·      First Disco, directed by Helen O’Reilly, Drama-Comedy, 18min, Ireland

·      Love Lane United, directed by Jack Thornton, Comedy, 7min, Ireland

·      The Dressmaker, directed by Olivia McLaughlin, Drama, 16min, Ireland

·      Our Land, directed by Eoin Harnett, Documentary, 6min, Ireland

·      The Wrestling Mantra, directed by David O’Neill, Documentary, 26min, Ireland

·      9 Months, directed by Michael Wohlfeld, Black-Comedy, 11min, Ireland

·      Holiday Home, directed by Conor King, Drama, 13min, Ireland

·      The Work Party, directed by Steven McKenna, 22min, Ireland

·      Time Slips Away, directed by Richard Keane, 4min, Ireland

·      Leave the Road Behind You, directed by Daniel Butler, 16min, Ireland

·      The Vasectomy Doctor, directed by Paul Webster, Documentary, 11min, Ireland

·      The Promise, directed by Sean Breathnach, Drama, 11min, Ireland

·      Pit Stop, directed by Rachel Smyth, Drama, 6min, Ireland

·      All This Love, directed by Ben Adam-Harris, Music Video, 4min, UK

·      Bad Fruit, directed by Teresa Lavina, Documentary, 11min, Ireland

·      Them, directed by Robin Lochmann, Animation, 15min, Germany

·      TMI, directed by Ita Fitzgerald, Comedy, 9min, UK

·      Her Name Is…, directed by Claire Byrne & Lydia McGuinness, Drama, 10min, Ireland

·      Strangers on a Bench, directed by Hiram Harrington & Emmanuel Okoye, 7min, Ireland

·      A Rising Star, directed by Jamel Zaouche, Drama, 23min, France

·      The Space Between Us, directed by Elaine Kennedy, Drama, 9min, Ireland

·      Lady Black Eyes, directed by Niamh Heery, Drama, 14min, Ireland

·      New Bronx, directed by Filip Ignatowicz, Drama, 15min, Poland

·      Tosser, directed by Greg O’Reilly, Comedy, 8min, Ireland

·      Portraitist, directed by Cyrus Neshvad, Drama, 16min, Luxembourg

·      Colour Code, directed by Maria Doyle Kennedy, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

·      Quiet Land Good People, directed by Johannes Bachmann, Drama, 25min, Switzerland

·      Just Fine, directed by Ciarán Hickey, Drama, 16min, Ireland

·      The Family Way, directed by Nuno Bernardo, Drama, 18min, Ireland

·      Sons of No One, directed by Hans Vannetelbosch, Drama, 21min, Belgium

·      Decorator, directed by Ramil Muradov, Drama-Comedy, 6min, Azerbaijan

·      I didn’t… I wasn’t… I amn’t…, directed by Laoisa Sexton, Dark Comedy, 24min, Ireland

·      To Heaven,To Gather, directed by Li Yue Chang, Drama, 24min, Taiwan

·      Whorehouse Visitor, directed by Rencheng Liu, Drama, 17min, China

·      Vegetable, directed by Mícheál Fleming, Horror, 12min, Ireland

·      Father of the Man, directed by Tommy Creagh, Drama, 9min, UK

·      Something Borrowed, directed by Sarah Horgan, Drama, 10min, Ireland

·      Man to Man, directed by A.W. Stevenson, Drama, 13min, Ireland

·      Bright Eyed in The Mornin’, directed by Maria Fiorentini, Music Video, 3min, Ireland

·      Clothes & Blow, directed by Sam Peter Jackson, Comedy, 23min, UK

·      Casual, directed by Aoife Nic Ardghail & Kate Dolan, Drama, 12min, Ireland

·      Zedd/One Strange Rock, directed by The Edwards Brothers, Music Video, 4min, USA

·      Counterfeit Kunkoo, directed by Reema Sengupta, Drama, 15min, India

 .    The Wrong Day, directed by Dan Tudor, Comedy-Drama, 10min, Romania

·      The Passage, directed by Florian Zapra, Drama, 9min, Romania (out if competition)

     Minus One-Girl, directed by Steven Melikidis, Music Video, 3min, Cyprus

     Return of the Bad Boy, directed by Steven Melikidis, 1min, Cyprus