Programme 2017

Here is the short film programme for 2017

Programme 1 - Friday, 6th October, 13:00, The Generator, 120min
Mr Probz Against the Stream, Directed by Bob van de Gronde, Documentary, 27min, Netherlands

Travelling Composers Journal, Directed by Jayme Monjardim, Documentary Music, 14min, Brazil

Red, Directed by Min Reid, 9min, Music Video, UK

The Deathroom, Directed by Amy Driver, War Drama, 7min, Ireland

Sounds of Dublin, Directed by Livia Galtieri, Documentary, 6min, Ireland

The Animal, Directed by Atasay Koc, 9min, Thriller, Turkey

Float, Directed by Nicola Murphy and Katy Wright-Mead, Drama, 10min, USA

Rose, Directed by Stephen McKenna, Thriller-Romance, 10min, Ireland

Tomato, Directed by Hanna Maylett, Comedy, 8min, Finland

Anna e Marco…and the deep blue see, Directed by Pietro Birindelli, Drama, 20min, Italy

Programme 2 - Friday, 6th October, 16:00, The Generator, 114min
The Meetings of The Waters, Directed by Yousef Eldin, 5min, Music Video, Ireland

Sound Is Half the Picture, Directed by Dede Maitre, 13min, Documentary, USA

Sirocco, Directed by James McIlroy, Animation SF, 21min, Ireland

Okkervill River Rip, Directed by Will Sheff, Music Video, 8min, USA

Love on The Line, Directed by Nicole McKinnon, 5min, Animation Documentary, Australia

Conversations, Directed by Emma Jackson and Igor Osipov, Drama, 8min, Ireland

Taste of Love, Directed by Emma Benestan, Comedy Drama, 13min, France

The Drive, Directed by Alan Elbakidze, Drama Thriller, 8min, Ireland

The Boy by The Sea, Directed by Vasily Chuprina, Drama, 7min, Netherlands

Feats of Modest Valour, Directed by Alice McDowell and Mia Mullarkey, 26min, Ireland

Programme 3 - Friday, 6th October, 18:30, The Generator, 119min
Vampire Love, Directed by Vera Kuznetsova and Andrei Zaitcev, Music Video, 5min, Russian Federation

Wild Stories, Directed by Michael Gallen and Felicity Clear, Animation Experimental, 29min, Ireland

Level 2, Directed by Cathal Feeney, Drama Romance, 10min, Ireland

Soury, Directed by Christophe Switzer, Drama, 20min, France

My Pretty Pony, Directed by Maciej Barczewski, Drama, 13min, Poland

Songs of Separation, Directed by Akhilesh Pratap Singh, Drama Musical, 13min, India

Lucas, Directed by Alastair McIlwain, 6min, Animation, UK

No Irish Need Apply, Directed by Bill Fitzpatrick, Documentary, 7min, Ireland-US

Nimmer, Directed by Lieven Vanhove, Drama, 16min, Belgium

Programme 4 - Saturday, 7th October, 10:45am, Cineworld ,119min
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Roundtrip, Directed by Loran Trabelsi, Drama, 6min, Israel

We Have Each Other, Directed by Naomi Sheridan, Psychological Drama, 18min, Ireland

Inside Outside, Directed by Shira Meishar, Drama, 13min, Israel

Leap of Faith, Directed by Mark Smith, Drama, Sci-Fi, 14min, Ireland

Oh Brother, Directed by Mia Mullarkey, Comedy Drama, 15min, Ireland

Keoma/Black, Directed by Aviv Kosloff, 5min, Music Video, Germany

Blackout, Directed by Lorcan Dunne, Comedy Drama, 13min, Ireland

Fake Men, Directed by Martin Gentner, Drama-Comedy, 14min, Germany

Adina E-Changing, Directed by Yoni Goodman, Animation, Music Video, 4min, Israel

The Curse, Directed by Coilin O Scolai, Drama, 17min, Ireland

Programme 5 - Saturday, 7th October, 13:10 Cineworld 149min
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Biography, Directed by Arik Kaufman, Drama Thriller, 20min, Israel

Mother, Directed by Tom Lynch, Drama, 8min, Ireland

The Dream Factory, Directed by Michal Pinsky, Animation Fantasy, 19min, Israel

The Box, Directed by Adam Collins, Thriller-Comedy, 10min, Ireland

The Gravedigger’s Daughter, Directed by Shira Gabay, Drama, 17min, Israel

Rememberer, Directed by Nadege Dumont and Carl Murphy, Drama, 9min, Ireland

The Forest Full of Rabbits, Directed by Nikolai Knackmuss, 20min, Germany

Digs for Pennies, Directed by Evin O’Neill, Drama Comedy, 16min, Ireland

Pestana, Directed by David Helmut, Drama, 30min, Germany

Programme 6 - Saturday, 7th October, 15:55 Cineworld, 136min
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The Little Dictator, Directed by Nurith Cohn, Comedy Drama, 29min, Israel

Marky’s Bad Week, Directed by Daniel Holmwood, Drama, 6min, Ireland

The Teacher, Directed by Garvan Murphy, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Cigarbox Blues, Directed by Christopher Kaufmann, Drama, 23min, Germany

Sober Minds, Directed by Charlo Johnson, Documentary, 17min, Ireland

The French Revolution, Directed by Hai Afik, Drama, 21min, Israel

The Lion’s Share, Directed by Owen O’Gorman, War Drama, 22min, Ireland

Clockwork Purple, Directed by Manuela Lindig, Experimental, 4min, Germany

Programme 7 - Saturday, 7th October, 12:00, The Generator, 120min
Ninetofive, Directed by Lee Charlish, Comedy, 17min, UK

The Man with My Name, Directed by Simon O’Neill, Documentary, 26min, Ireland

Deadline, Directed by Tim Hanan, Thriller, 9min, Ireland

Try A Little Tenderness, Directed by Roy Wol, Music Video, 4min, USA

Brazuca, Directed by Faidon Gkretsikos, 19min, Drama, Greece

Stradbally Hall, Directed by Leeona Duff, 11min, Documentary Drama, Ireland

Temptations of The Doll, Directed by Marshall Law, Drama-Fantasy, 14min, Taiwan

Odu-Feed You Lies, Directed by Brian Dunster, Music Video, 4min Ireland

The Fashion Show, Directed by Lucy Lumsden, Drama Documentary, 16min, Ireland-UK

Programme 8 - Saturday, 7th October, 15:00, The Generator, 133min
BP Fallon ‘Henry McCullough’ Directed by Alan Leonard, Music Video, 6min, Ireland

The Squad, Directed by Nicolas Torres, Drama, 10min, Mexico

Kings and Queens, Directed by Conor Quinn, Romance Comedy, 25min, Ireland

Custom Love, Directed by Jonathan Kebe, Comedy, 9min, UK

Immaculate Heart, Directed by Jack Burke, Drama, 21min, Ireland

Sidewalk Angels, Directed by Paulo Miranda, 13min, Drama Thriller, Brazil

Day Off, Directed by Stephen Hall, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Thoughts About Love, Directed by Jani Ilomaki, Drama Comedy, 13min, Finland

Says, Directed by David C. Lynch, Drama, 8min, Ireland

Seduction of Eve, Directed by George Hooker, Music Video, 5min, Ireland

Hidden Potential, Directed by Eamonn MacMahon, Drama, 11min, Ireland

Programme 9 - Saturday, 7th October, 18:00, The Generator ,129min
Whoever Was Using This Bed, Directed by Andrew Kotatko, 20min, Australia

Forgive Me Father, Directed by Angel Croitor, Horror, 15min, Ireland

They Died for Nothing, Directed by Ibrahim Koudie, Drama, 15min, France

The Statue Maker, Directed by Celia Peterson, Documentary, 4min, Lebanon

The Truth About Irish Hip Hop, Directed by Gavin Fitzgerald and Mark Hayes, Documentary, 19min, Ireland

The Conversation, Directed by Gerald Walsh, Comedy, 10min, Ireland

Sleeper, Directed by Mick Duncan and Alan Hopkins, Drama Thriller, 10min, Ireland

Down with Jazz, Directed by Zithelo Bobby Mthombeni, Documentary, 13min, Ireland

Psychodelic, Directed by Rachel Gregan, Drama-Action, 22min, Ireland

Programme 10 - Sunday, 8th October, 14:30, The Sugar Club, 161min
Barking Mad, Directed by Sonya Mulligan, Comedy, 11min, Ireland

The Late Great David Turpin, Directed by Gareth Stack, Documentary, 17min, Ireland

Shoot Me Nicely, Directed by Elias Plagianos, Comedy, 19min, USA

Lugoj, Directed by Chris Lodge, War Drama, 15min, Ireland-Romania

Tide Over, Directed by Gian Luca Della Monica, Drama, 23min, Italy

Pearls, Directed by Shelley Thompson, Drama, 9min, Canada

Hostage, Directed by Maruthi Nambi, Thriller, 19min, Ireland

Sheered Malice: The Raven Diaries, Directed by Jennifer Warren, Thriller, 32min, Ireland

KM73, Directed by Radu Ghelbereu, Drama, 16min, Romania

Programme 11 - Sunday, 8th October, 18:00, The Sugar Club, 163min
The Test, Directed by Jinsui Song, 26 min, Family Drama, China

The Bus Stops Here, Directed by Jimmy Smallhorne, 16min, Comedy, Ireland

The Duwende, Directed by Odin B. Fernandez, Drama, 10min, Philippines

The Funeral Directors, directed by Jacob Mulgrew, 15min, UK

The Penalty, Directed by Patrick O’Shea, Drama, 13Min, Ireland

Homecoming, Directed by Sinead O’Loughlin, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Beside me, Directed by David Scott, 10min, Drama, Ireland

Emerald City, Directed by Scott Coffey, Drama, 15min, USA

Thespish, Directed by Maureen O’Connell, Comedy, 15min, Ireland

The Whole World, Directed by Julian Quintanilla, Drama, 29min, Spain

For every film selected director and producer have free entry to all the venues and screenings.
We have 3 locations this year and the entry fees are…
  • 5 Euro a day at the Generator (Smithfield Square,, Arran Quay, Dublin)
  • 10 Euro per programme at the Cineworld (The Parnell Centre, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1)
  • 10 euro per day at The Sugar Club (8 Lower Leeson Street, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 ET97)

The Sugar Club

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Smithfield Square,, Arran Quay, Dublin
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