Programme 2019

Here is the short films programme for 2019. Locations are on the map below.

Programme 1, Friday 4th October, The Generator, 13:00pm, 113min (Tickets at the door)

Anacronte, directed by Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette, Animation, 15min, Argentina

Babou, directed by François Narboux, Animation, 2min, France

Bad Fruit, directed by Teresa Lavina, Documentary, 11min, Ireland

Blankets of Hope, directed by Edvinas Maciulevicius, Documentary, 4min, Ireland

Blinkers, directed by Eoin Lúc Ó Ceallaigh, Documentary, 22min, Ireland

Break, directed by Amin Palangi, Drama, 13min, Australia

Bright Eyed in The Mornin’, directed by Maria Fiorentini, Music Video, 3min, Ireland

Buoy, directed by David Magnier, Drama-Silent Film, 6min, Ireland

Frankie, directed by Claire Millane & Silvana Benedetto, Drama, 7min, Ireland

Fresh Fruit – The Elections, directed by Garrett Lynam, Animation-Comedy, 9min, Ireland

Sons of No One, directed by Hans Vannetelbosch, Drama, 21min, Belgium

Programme 2, Friday 4th October, The Generator, 15:30pm, 122min (Tickets at the door)

Hugo & Holger, directed by Teddy Halkier Kristiansen, Animation, 14min, Denmark

I Wanna Get Lost, directed by Brian O’Glanby, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

Jill and Giles, directed by Alison Byrne, Documentary, 13min, Ireland

Quiet Land Good People, directed by Johannes Bachmann, Drama, 25min, Switzerland

Short Calf Muscle, directed by Victoria Warmerdam, Comedy, 13min, Netherlands

Sea Legs-Laura Ampersand, directed by Ben Meakin, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

Sticker, directed by Georgi M. Unkovski, Drama, 19min, Macedonia

The Greek Accusative, directed by Sean O’ Deadaigh, Drama-Comedy, 15min, Ireland

The School Trip, directed by Salvatore Allocca, Drama, 15min, Italy

Programme 3, Friday 4th October, The Generator, 18:00pm, 115min (Tickets at the door)

Tosser, directed by Greg O’Reilly, Comedy, 8min, Ireland

Whorehouse Visitor, directed by Rencheng Liu, Drama, 17min, China

Wild Thing, directed by Fiona Aryan, Drama, 10min, Ireland

Wings, directed by Dmitri Voloshin, Animation, 8min, Moldova

Colour Code, directed by Maria Doyle Kennedy, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

Colours, directed by Brendan Phillips, Drama, 8min, Ireland

Cuddles, directed by Paul M. Horan, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Laid to Rest, directed by Tiarnan O’Sullivan, Comedy, 16min, Ireland

Adams, directed by Tom Stern, Comedy-Drama, 20min, USA

Minus One-Girl, directed by Steven Melikidis, Music Video, 3min, Cyprus

Return of the Bad Boy, directed by Steven Melikidis, 1min, Cyprus 

Programme 4, Saturday 5th October, Cineworld, 13:00pm, 120min

Man to Man, directed by A.W. Stevenson, Drama, 13min, Ireland

Upon the Shore, directed by Emer Casey, Drama, 12min, Ireland

Decibel, directed by Phil Ronayne, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Father of the Man, directed by Tommy Creagh, Drama, 9min, UK

TMI, directed by Ita Fitzgerald, Comedy, 9min, UK

First Disco, directed by Helen O’Reilly, Drama-Comedy, 18min, Ireland

Saving Grace, directed by Siobhán Kavanagh, Drama, 13min, Ireland

The Afghanistans, directed by Adrian Silisteanu, Drama, 17 min, Romania

The Match, directed by Pia Andell, Comedy-Drama, 15min, Finland


Programme 5, Saturday 5th October, Cineworld, 15:30pm, 133min

My Mother’s Shoes, directed by Mike Hayes, Drama, 15min, Ireland

The Space Between Us, directed by Elaine Kennedy, Drama, 9min, Ireland

The Family Way, directed by Nuno Bernardo, Drama, 18min, Ireland

Leave the Road Behind You, directed by Daniel Butler, 16min, Ireland

Repossession, directed by Sinéad Murphy, Horror, 19min, Ireland

The Five Obstructions, directed by Steve Gunn, Comedy, 6min, Ireland

The Dressmaker, directed by Olivia McLaughlin, Drama, 16min, Ireland

Time Slips Away, directed by Richard Keane, 4min, Ireland

Virtual Attraction, directed by Sophie Picciotto, Comedy-Romance, 15min, France

Them, directed by Robin Lochmann, Animation, 15min, Germany


Programme 6, Saturday 5th October, Cineworld, 18:00pm, 119min

Ignatius, directed by Fintan Kelly, Drama, 10min, Ireland

Scim, directed by Jing Joaquin, 13min, Drama-Mystery, Ireland

Pit Stop, directed by Rachel Smyth, Drama, 6min, Ireland

Please “LIKE” Me, directed by Brian McDonnell, Drama, 15min, Ireland

Poppy Red, directed by Sophie De Frenne, Drama, 12min, Germany

To Heaven, To Gather, directed by Li Yue Chang, Drama, 24min, Taiwan

Tides, directed by Zoe Kavanagh, Drama, 17min, Ireland

The Promise, directed by Sean Breathnach, Drama, 11min, Ireland

The Vasectomy Doctor, directed by Paul Webster, Documentary, 11min, Ireland


Programme 7, Saturday 5th October, Cineworld, 20:30pm, 123min

The Switch, directed by Peter John Sinclair, Thriller-Horror, 23min, Ireland

The Wrong Day, directed by Dan Tudor, Comedy-Drama, 10min, Romania

Tulaigh Bheag Woods, directed by Mark Riordan, Horror, 7min, Ireland

The Forgotten, directed by Sam Uhlemann, 12min, Ireland

Counterfeit Kunkoo, directed by Reema Sengupta, Drama, 15min, India

Critical Hit, dir by Siobhan Hardt&Bobby McCune&Sinead Keane, Animation,3min, Ireland

Holiday Home, directed by Conor King, Drama, 13min, Ireland

The Work Party, directed by Steven McKenna, 22min, Ireland

Archie’s Bat, directed by Shannon Egan, Animation, 2min, Ireland

Decorator, directed by Ramil Muradov, Drama-Comedy, 6min, Azerbaijan

I didn’t… I wasn’t… I amn’t…, directed by Laoisa Sexton, Dark Comedy, 24min, Ireland

We Were There, directed by Saeed Vahidi, Drama-Romance, 20min, Canada


Programme 8, Sunday 6th October, The Sugar Club, 13:00pm, 124min (Tickets at the door)

The Passage, directed by Florian Zapra, Drama, 9min, Romania

Zedd /One Strange Rock, directed by The Edwards Brothers, Music Video, 4min, USA

Strangers on a Bench, directed by Hiram Harrington & Emmanuel Okoye, 7min, Ireland

T for True, directed by Chiara Provenzano, Documentary, 12min, Ireland

Somebody’s Child – Distance, directed by Danilo Zambrano, Music Video, 4min, Ireland

New Bronx, directed by Filip Ignatowicz, Drama, 15min, Poland

No New Friends, directed by Dano Cerny, music video, 3min, USA

Our Land, directed by Eoin Harnett, Documentary, 6min, Ireland

My Future Self, directed by Jake McKone, Comedy, 4min, Ireland

Portraitist, directed by Cyrus Neshvad, Drama, 16min, Luxembourg

1 Billion, directed by Dave Thomas, Documentary, 10min, Ireland

9 Months, directed by Michael Wohlfeld, Black-Comedy, 11min, Ireland

A Rising Star, directed by Jamel Zaouche, Drama, 23min, France

Programme 9, Sunday 6th October, The Sugar Club, 15:30pm, 125min (Tickets at the door)
[Still] love you, directed by Fernando Bonelli, Drama, 30min, Spain

For Love, directed by Terry Loughran, Drama, 7min, Ireland

Feathers, directed by Graeme Coughlan, Drama, 7min, Ireland

All This Love, directed by Ben Adam-Harris, Music Video, 4min, UK

Gang Related, directed by Ga-Ho Chu, Animation, 3min, Ireland

Dark like the night-Karenina, directed by Radda Novikova, Music Video, 8min, Russia

Joe Boots, directed by Florian Baron, Documentary, 30min, Germany-USA

Something Borrowed, directed by Sarah Horgan, Drama, 10min, Ireland

The Wrestling Mantra, directed by David O’Neill, Documentary, 26min, Ireland

Programme 10, Sunday 6th October, The Sugar Club 18:00pm, 148min (Tickets at the door)

Two Dum Micks, directed by D.B. Sweeney, Comedy, 5min, USA

Her Name Is…, directed by Claire Byrne & Lydia McGuinness, Drama, 10min, Ireland

Just Fine, directed by Ciarán Hickey, Drama, 16min, Ireland

Casual, directed by Aoife Nic Ardghail & Kate Dolan, Drama, 12min, Ireland

Sac de Merde, directed by Greg Chwerchak, Comedy, 13min, USA

Lady Black Eyes, directed by Niamh Heery, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Still Happy, directed by Fred Berner, Drama, 23min, USA

Love Lane United, directed by Jack Thornton, Comedy, 7min, Ireland

Vegetable, directed by Mícheál Fleming, Horror, 12min, Ireland

ZEB in Dublin, directed by Fergus Keane, Documentary-Comedy, 13min, Ireland

Clothes & Blow, directed by Sam Peter Jackson, Comedy, 23min, UK

For every film selected director and producer have free entry to all the venues and screenings.
For others who want to attend the festival thickets will be on sale soon as below
We have 3 locations this year and the entry fees are…
  • 5 Euro a day at the Generator (Smithfield Square,, Arran Quay, Dublin)
  • 10 Euro per programme at the Cineworld (The Parnell Centre, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1)
  • 10 euro per day at The Sugar Club (8 Lower Leeson Street, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 ET97)

The Sugar Club

8 Lower Leeson Street, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 ET97
(01) 678 7188

Cineworld Cinema

The Parnell Centre, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1
1520 880 444


Smithfield Square,, Arran Quay, Dublin
(01) 901 0222