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Every director and producer from each film selected have free entry to all the screenings, for everyone else tickets are 10 Euro for each programme at Cineworld.

We have 3 locations this year and the entry fees are…

Below you can buy tickets for Cineworld 6th October 2018

Programme 4, Saturday 6th October, Cineworld, 13:00pm, 124min, Buy Tickets Online

 Sea at Night, Directed by Kim Fabienne Hertinger, Germany, Drama, 26min

Because of War, Lust and Love, Directed by Alessandro Dioguardi, Ireland, Drama, 16min

Land Of Winter, Directed by Tommy Creagh, Ireland, Drama, 14min

Desperate Lies, Directed by Wale Atoyegbe, UK, Drama-Comedy, 14min

Dirt, Directed by John Kilkenny & Des Creedon, Ireland, Comedy-Drama, 15min

The Observer Effect, Directed by Garret Walsh, Ireland, Mystery-Thriller, 19min

The Elvis Parking Method, Directed by Adam O’Keeffe, Ireland, Comedy-Drama, 9min

Hold The Line, Directed by Karen Killeen & Laura O’ Shea, Ireland, Drama-Comedy, 12min


Programme 5, Saturday 6th October, Cineworld, 15:30pm, 129min, Buy Ticket Online

 Lost Memories, Directed by Eamonn Murphy, Ireland, Drama, 16min

My Best Friend, Directed by Catalin Bugean, Romania, Comedy, 22min

Angels Guard Thee, Directed by Robert Higgins & Patrick McGivney, Ireland, Drama, 17min

Inside I’m Racing, Directed by Aleksander Szeser, Ireland, Drama 18min

Gustav, Directed by Ken Williams & Denis Fitzpatrick, Ireland, Comedy, 10min

Thursday, Directed by Suro Jr, Russian Federation, Drama, 16min

Daffodils & Tulips, Directed by Michael Reid, Ireland, Drama, 15min

Bless Me Father, Directed by Paul M. Horan, Ireland, Drama, 15min


Programme 6, Saturday 6th October, Cineworld, 18:10pm, 113min, Buy Tickets Online 

 Spent, Directed by Claire Byrne, Ireland, Drama, 15min

The Desecrated, Directed by John Gray, USA, Horror, 8min

Native, Directed by Linda Bhreathnach, Ireland, Drama, 13min

A Timely Gift, Directed by Paireac Keane, Ireland, Drama, 22min

Romanian Diary. Muslim Diary, Directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu, Romania, Documentary, 11min

Bittern, Directed by Adam O’Keeffe, Ireland, Drama-Thriller, 10min

Dead Drop Love, Directed by Jeff Doyle & Shaun Ryan, Ireland, Comedy, 12min

Flower, Directed by Baz David, Ireland, Drama, 22min


Programme 7, Saturday 6th October, Cineworld, 20:30pm, 136min, Buy Tickets Online

 Way to Content, Directed by Yida Wang, China, Drama, 30min

Ride, Directed by Dawid Piotr Szlaga, Ireland, Drama, 7min

They Make You Grow A Beard, Directed by Anthony Kinsella, Comedy-Horror, Ireland, 11min

Bare, Directed by David Devoy, Ireland, Drama, 20min

Manicure, Directed by Arman Fayaz, Iran, Drama, 14min

Probably In The Very Near Future, Directed by Sebastian Egert, Germany, Comedy, 5min

Florence, Directed by Jing Joaquin, Ireland, Drama-Romance, 9min

Drama, Directed by Terry Loughran, Ireland, Comedy, 25min

I Saw Myself, Directed by Kevin Littlewood, Ireland, Comedy, 10min

Hu-Bot, Directed by Clint D’Souza, Canada, 5min