Every director and producer from each film selected have free entry to all the screenings, for everyone else tickets are 10 Euro for each programme. 

We have 3 locations this year and the entry fees are…

  • 5 Euro a day at the Generator (Smithfield Square,, Arran Quay, Dublin)
  • 10 Euro per programme at the Cineworld (The Parnell Centre, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1)
  • 10 euro per day at The Sugar Club (8 Lower Leeson Street, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 ET97)

Tickets for Cineworld for programme 4, 5 and 6 are on sale now here or see below each programme.

Buy Tickets for Programme 4 – Saturday, 7th October, 10:45am, Cineworld, 119min via

Roundtrip, Directed by Loran Trabelsi, Drama, 6min, Israel

We Have Each Other, Directed by Naomi Sheridan, Psychological Drama, 18min, Ireland

Inside Outside, Directed by Shira Meishar, Drama, 13min, Israel

Leap of Faith, Directed by Mark Smith, Drama, Sci-Fi, 14min, Ireland

Oh Brother, Directed by Mia Mullarkey, Comedy Drama, 15min, Ireland

Keoma/Black, Directed by Aviv Kosloff, 5min, Music Video, Germany

Blackout, Directed by Lorcan Dunne, Comedy Drama, 13min, Ireland

Fake Men, Directed by Martin Gentner, Drama-Comedy, 14min, Germany

Adina E-Changing, Directed by Yoni Goodman, Animation, Music Video, 4min, Israel

The Curse, Directed by Coilin O Scolai, Drama, 17min, Ireland

Buy Tickets for Programme 5 – Saturday, 7th October, 13:10 Cineworld, 149min via

Biography, Directed by Arik Kaufman, Drama Thriller, 20min, Israel

Mother, Directed by Tom Lynch, Drama, 8min, Ireland

The Dream Factory, Directed by Michal Pinsky, Animation Fantasy, 19min, Israel

The Box, Directed by Adam Collins, Thriller-Comedy, 10min, Ireland

The Gravedigger’s Daughter, Directed by Shira Gabay, Drama, 17min, Israel

Rememberer, Directed by Nadege Dumont and Carl Murphy, Drama, 9min, Ireland

The Forest Full of Rabbits, Directed by Nikolai Knackmuss, 20min, Germany

Digs for Pennies, Directed by Evin O’Neill, Drama Comedy, 16min, Ireland

Pestana, Directed by David Helmut, Drama, 30min, Germany

Buy Tickets for Programme 6 – Saturday, 7th October, 15:55 Cineworld, 136min via

The Little Dictator, Directed by Nurith Cohn, Comedy Drama, 29min, Israel

Marky’s Bad Week, Directed by Daniel Holmwood, Drama, 6min, Ireland

The Teacher, Directed by Garvan Murphy, Drama, 14min, Ireland

Cigarbox Blues, Directed by Christopher Kaufmann, Drama, 23min, Germany

Sober Minds, Directed by Charlo Johnson, Documentary, 17min, Ireland

The French Revolution, Directed by Hai Afik, Drama, 21min, Israel

The Lion’s Share, Directed by Owen O’Gorman, War Drama, 22min, Ireland

Clockwork Purple, Directed by Manuela Lindig, Experimental, 4min, Germany