o Best International Short Film – Manicure
Manicure, Directed by Arman Fayaz, Iran
o Best Director – Christophe Switzer
Papa, Directed by Christophe Switzer, France
o Best Script – Bless Me Father
Bless Me Father, Directed by Paul M. Horan, Ireland
o Best Music Video – Local H-Innocents
Local H-Innocents, Directed by Felix Piñeiro, USA
o Best Cinematography – Tommy Fitzgerald
Inside I Am Racing directed by Aleksander Szeser, Ireland
o Best Comedy – My Best Friend
My Best Friend, Directed by Catalin Bugean, Romania
o Best Animation – Hell Visa
Hell Visa, Directed by Junjie Zhang, China
o Best Sound Design – Alex Gregson
The Last Dance, Directed by Chris Keller, UK,
o Best Score – Francesco Tresca
The Observer Effect, Directed by Garret Walsh, Ireland
o Best Student – The Beginning
The Beginning, Directed by Sudeshna Sharma, India – France
o Best Irish Short – Land Of Winter
Land Of Winter, Directed by Tommy Creagh, Ireland
o Best Actor – Emmet Kelly
Lost Memories, Directed by Eamonn Murphy, Ireland
o Best Actress-Aisling Reid
Daffodils & Tulips, Directed by Michael Reid, Ireland
o Best Documentary-Lifeboat
Lifeboat, Directed by Skye Fitzgerald, USA